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Iniö is reached by ferry either from the mainland from Heponiemi in Kustavi or, during the summer season, from Mossala in Houtskar.

From Kustavi Heponiemi there is an Sterna ferry to Kannvik on the island of Jumo. Timetable
From Jumo Island you can take the Skagen ferry to the main island of Iniö. Timetable
The journey through Jumo Island from Kannvik to Skagen is approximately 4 km.
Distance Skagen-Villa Högbo about 1 km.

From Mossala there is an Antonia ferry to Dalen in Iniö during the summer season. Timetable
Distance Dalen-Villa Högbo about 3 km.

You can also get to Iniö by smaller ferries all year round.

Iniö additional route - Kivimo
Route map

Houtskar route - Finnö
Route map